What is your shipping policy?

We ship nationally and internationally.


What Bike/Model/Year are your kits for?

2015-2016 Yamaha R1 & R1M


How hard is the light kit to install?

Medium/High technical experience suggested. Electrical wiring is involved. Not a beginner job. We recommend you have a professional install the kit.


What is the warranty?

LED light and bracket have lifetime warranty. Light and bracket must be sent back to JL Design facility for review before replacing. No warranty on double sided adhesive.


Are the Lights waterproof?



How fast do the signals blink?

Medium pulse rate (see Q and A video to see blink rate)


Front turn signals available?


Does the complete rear CS Kit come with the DFS Series lights?

I want running light/turn signals on my bike. Your video of the completed kit only shows the rear smoked main brake light having just TS series turn signals (no running lights much like your TS series signals)
Answer:  in the video we wanted amber signals to match the amber turn signals in the tail light, and since amber can not be a constant low. You have a few options.
1st. The setup we did on the R1M which you saw
2nd. Smoked tail light with red lens / red LEDs signals (if you don't mind the red lens signals) Then I wouldn't hook up the amber signals in the tail light, let the red be low and turn.
3rd. Smoked tail light with a smoke lens with red LED (this will keep the complete smoke look) but the signals flash red!!! Still not hooking up the tail light signals. 

What license plate bracket do you use in the video?

The bracket we used in the video is made by Targa. Here is a link to view it: VIEW HERE

We have them in stock and can ship them with your kit +$20. You will have to drill two holes into your undertail. I can forward you a paypal invoice with the license plate added. We haven't added it to the site since we aren't convinced it's the best option, plus we are trying to make our own brackets. We have installed many kits with the Targa bracket, everyone is very please. Let us know. 

Where can I buy?

Directly online through our website. Our dealer network is currently being set up. Metric Method in Irvine, California stocks all our products, and we recommend them for all your installation needs. Call them direct at (949) 387-0520 or Contact them online at www.MetricMethod.com.